SWATS Rising! Event

Join SWATS Rising! for an event Tuesday, November 27th. We will be discussing the housing crisis, the specifics of the housing situation in Atlanta, and how building a network in response will be one way of defending our homes against the attack against us started by deliberately removing all public housing, and which now is the highest foreclosure rates in the country.


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SWATS Rising! In the West End

SWATS Rising! is out in the West End every Friday from 1pm to 2pm handing out flyers, talking with folks about issues they are having with their landlords or mortgages, and giving information.  You can catch us on the corner of Abernathy and Lee, at the West End Mall, at the West End Marta station, or down Abernathy handing out flyers.

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Atlanta BeltLine – Final Stages of Atlanta Gentrification

As one blogger we follow, one66soul, puts it: “The final phase of Atlanta’s Gentrification. They make the displacement of poor people sound so harmless.”

Let’s take another look at how the Atlanta BeltLine is going to push working class black folks out..

Will Black Mecca Bail Out Its Gentrifiers and Their Jim Crow BeltLine Streetcars?

“The BeltLine was a colossal scam to enrich real estate speculators and developers, banksters and well connected law firms at the expense of Atlanta’s public school children and the black residents of metro Atlanta, which led the nation in child poverty in the 2000 census. Here’s how the scam works:

The BeltLine drew lines around 8% of the city’s land area, much of it industrial, but next to dozens of existing poor and black neighborhoods targeted for profitable turnover and gentrification. Property tax revenues reaped by the city inside the Tax Allocation District, TAD as it’s called under Georgia law — some other states call it a TIF, or Tax Increment Financing (TIF) or similar name — were frozen at 2005 levels. As is typical nationwide in these modern Jim Crow special tax districts, expected increases in property taxes inside the Jim Crow district could only be spent within the district, and not shared with the unwashed and poorer sections of the city. As usual, a private corporation was established, in this case BeltLine Inc., to decide how and where the billions in supposedly public tax dollars would be spent. Surrendering public ‘“public-private partnership.’”

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The Housing Monster

Right now we are reading this pamphlet called The Housing Monster.

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The Atlanta Way

“Atlanta, Ga was the 1st US city to build federally funded public housing. As of December 2010, Atlanta, Ga will be the 1st city in the world to deliberately remove all public housing.”

This movie, The Atlanta Way, is a flik about the history of Atlanta gentrification. It explains the history of the complete removal of all public housing in Atlanta. On top of this Atlanta is number one in the country for home foreclosures. S.W.A.T.S. Rising! understands the need here in Atlanta for people to fight to keep people in their homes.

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S.W.A.T.S. Rising!



We are a group of people organizing in Swats – South-West Atlanta – against our landlords, the banks, and even our bosses; against the people who are directly responsible for our oppression. We don’t rely on institutions such as the police or state agencies to take care of us. We know they are only interested in protecting and serving the rich, not us. We know we are the ones who work our asses off and have little to show for it while our bosses and landlords just sit back and collect the money that we make them. We will not allow them to exploit us anymore. When they refuse to pay us what is owed to us, when they don’t take care of the places we live or work in, we have only one option – to fight back! Together we can make a change, alone we are vulnerable, so we choose to fight together!

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Call us, (678) 561-6213

We are S.W.A.T.S. Rising!  You can reach us at (678) 561-6213.

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